A Real Estate Tenant and Buyer Advocate

Blue Lake Commercial Real Estate exclusively represents the sole interests of commercial tenants and buyers.  Unlike traditional “full service” commercial real estate firms, we have no landlord obligations, and do not list commercial property for lease or sale on behalf of landlords.  Landlords have their own representation to protect their interests and profits…so should tenants.  Brokers who represent both landlords and tenants produce a built-in conflict of interest during negotiations, by representing both parties.  We avoid these conflicts of interest, by ensuring objectivity throughout the entire process.  Our mission is simple.  We add value to our clients by saving them time, and maximizing cost savings.  Our previous experience of listing commercial real estate properties on behalf of institutional and local landlords enables us to have a thorough understanding of both sides of a transaction.  This affords our clients a strategic advantage.

We achieve superior results for our clients by creating leverage through competition, skilled negotiating, experience, and deep market knowledge.  Our goal is to provide customer service beyond a client’s expectations. We are your advocates and represent your sole interests, but the Landlord is obliged to pay our fees.

A company’s real estate costs are typically their second largest line item, and accounts for approximately 30% – 40% of a company’s overall budget.  A cost this substantial to a company’s bottom line should have an experienced advocate on their side.

We have over 30 years of commercial real estate brokerage experience, and have completed over 600 lease and sale transactions, totaling more than 11,000,000 square feet and valued at $695,000,000.